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Indoor Air Quality Systems in Florence, South Carolina

With the humid South Carolina air, your indoor air quality suffers. Humidity breeds mold, toxins and allergens, which can make you sick. So what can you do to ensure your home's air quality stays as pure as possible?
Talk to After Hours Heating & Cooling, LLC. about indoor air quality for your Florence, South Carolina, home.

Cut the Humidity Out of Your Home With a Dehumidifier

Are you sweating even with the air conditioner full blast? Does your home smell musty, moldy or damp? You might have too much humidity in your home. A dehumidifier can help moderate the air moisture in your home.
After Hours Heating & Cooling, LLC. can install a full-home system that will bring you instant relief.

Get Your Air Moving With a Ventilation System

If your home doesn't have a lot of open air channels, the air can become closed, musty and damp. A ventilation system can filter the air in your home. A state-of-the-art ventilation system allows you to set the times and circulation for premium savings on your energy bills.

Keep the Bad Air Out and the Good Air in With Filtration

An in-home filtration system will do wonders for your house's air quality. Air filters help to trap dust and other harmful substances from reentering the air flow. It also can help your energy costs and overall health.

Purify the Air Right in Your Home With a State-Of-The-Art Purifier

Don't just filter the air – purify it. An air purifier will actively remove the toxins and other pollutants in your home so you can have beautiful, fresh air.

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Not sure which air quality products are best for your home? We're happy to help.
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